It's Actually Not "Kriselle"

I'm pretty sure that it started with Pokémon. I was never the type to hoard cards and organize them into a thick binder, but a pretty big part of my childhood was spent playing Pokémon Pearl on my pink Nintendo DS Lite. The only problem is that my name is eight letters long. The Pokémon games always let you name your trainer. You know how many characters they allow? Six. Every single time I had a chat with an NPC, I would get called "KRISEL". The audacity.

In the beginning of sophomore year, I made my first Twitter account. At the time, my personal aesthetic was lowercase letters, short words, and names that were usually given to guys being used for a girl. I typed in my name (in all lowercase) and prepared to hit "done". But then, I thought, "My name is, like, so boring now. I'm used to it. This is my new Twitter. My fresh start." I hit backspace four times, then tapped "done".

It's been almost two years, and I've gone by "Kris" ever since. Unless I'm in a professional setting, I usually introduce myself with "I'm Kriselle, but my friends just call me 'Kris'." The first time I ever said that, I thought, "Man, I've always wanted to do that!" I've met a lot of other Kris's and Chris's, and it helps build some common ground. I hear and say a lot of "Hey, your name is Kris too? Nice!"

People used to mess my name up all the time. Kristelle, Crystal, and Kriselle-y are the most common mess-ups that I get, but I've also heard Kritzel, Krizzelle, and Priscilla. I get it, learning and remembering names is hard, but seriously? Priscilla? Kris is way easier to say and remember, which helps a lot. I'm in the process of leading two clubs and attending a summer program, so I meet a lot of new people, and they can almost never remember "Kriselle" the first time around. That isn't to say that I changed this whole chunk of my identity for other people. I honestly just think "Kris" sounds pretty cool. It also sounds like a name that's usually given to guys, which ties back to my whole love of guy names for girls.

I also have Pokémon Sun lying around somewhere, and I fully intend on giving my trainer a name that actually fits in the text box.

Like I said before, I'm attending a summer program right now. The thing is, there's a dude named Christopher who's in the same class as me. The thing is, he goes by Chris. I didn't want to be called "Kris T.", since some people might call me Kristie, so I went back to introducing myself as Kriselle. It's kind of weird. Like, what? Who gave you the right to use my birth name? Oh, me. Every time they call Chris, I look up, or I turn around, or I say, "What?"

I'll probably get sick of going by Kris, but for now, I like being called Kris a lot more. It just sounds so much cooler.